What are teeth fillings and do you need them?

Aug 18, 2023 | Dental services, Teeth fillings services

Keeping your smile healthy-looking involves maintaining oral hygiene including treating any damages caused by tooth decay, a broken tooth, or weakened teeth. Teeth fillings are one of several treatments that our dentist at Annex Dentistry can recommend to maintain your oral health. Find out all it involves to know whether you might need one.

What are teeth fillings?

Teeth fillings are a type of dental treatment for damages done to your teeth by tooth decay. Teeth fillings (or dental fillings) are artificial materials used to fill up tooth cavities caused by dental decay or other reasons. There are different types of fillings our dentist can choose from. Common types include:

  • Composite fillings
  • Porcelain fillings
  • Ceramic fillings

Filling material resembles the look and feel of your tooth enamel so that you are as comfortable as can be while taking care of your dental health. 

When you visit Annex Dentistry with a decayed tooth, our expert dentist will have the decayed part of your teeth removed. They will then fill the resulting hole or gap to restore the normal functioning of your teeth and prevent further decay.

Dental Composite

A dental composite is a type of filling made of resin, a tooth-colored material. Composite fillings are hard and come in different shades of white which gives our dentist the opportunity to choose one that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth. Composite fillings can thus be used on any of your teeth including those sitting at the front of your mouth.

Composite resins bond chemically to your existing tooth structure. This restores your teeth’s initial strength and reinforces your tooth structure. Dental composites are preferred over other types of dental fillings for a variety of reasons. They match your existing teeth color and they bind your teeth, thereby requiring fewer teeth to be removed. Composite resin fillings also harden quickly and are not likely to fall off.

How do dental fillings work?

Dental fillings work by filling up the spaces, gaps, or holes in your teeth after a dentist extracts the decay in them. Dental fillings are manufactured with materials that make them stick to your teeth, fill up the gaps in them, and harden in seconds.

Our dentist will use a special light to examine your teeth and check for decay-causing bacteria. They will remove this and then close the gap left with the composite-resin filling material or other types of tooth-colored fillings. A dental filling closes this space and prevents further decay that could occur from trapping bacteria and food particles in this hole. A dental filling such as those made from composite materials also strengthens your teeth restoring its initial integrity and normal functioning. 

 How long do dental fillings take?

A typical dental filling procedure takes about an hour or less. If you have multiple cavities to be filled, our dentist might have to fill them over several visits. When you visit Annex Dentistry for a dental filling, your teeth will undergo an inspection to determine the best treatment for you. 

Before treatment, an anesthetic will be applied to make the entire process painless. The decay in your teeth will then be extracted by our experienced and professional dentist leaving a gap for the dental fillings.

Now, your tooth filling is done with a dental composite that has a shade of white that matches the color of the teeth being treated. The dental composite bonds with your teeth and hardens in seconds after which it is refined and polished to smoothen the filling and eliminate sharp edges. You may be scheduled for additional visits to check for tooth sensitivity or decayed material. Our dentist will remove any additional decay during these visits.

Do you need dental filling services in Toronto?

We offer a wide range of dental services including teeth filling in Toronto. If this sounds like the dental care procedure you need right now, contact our dentist at 416-962-4022. We will help you schedule your dental visit to treat your affected teeth as soon as possible. You can also book a dental appointment right now to start your teeth restoration process and bring back your healthy smile!