Emergency Dental Services Toronto

If you or a loved one have a dental emergency such as tooth loss from an accident, a serious dental infection, or other conditions requiring immediate dental care, don’t worry!

For over 50+ years, Annex Dentistry has always opened its doors to patients in dire need of same-day emergency dental services in the St. George and Bloor area.

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Call 416-962-4022 and secure a same-day dental emergency appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our clinic is open for same-day emergencies. This is our schedule:

  • 8am-5pm on Mondays
  • 8am-6pm on Tuesdays  
  • 8am-6pm on Thursdays

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Main Causes of Dental Emergencies

Most dental emergencies are generally linked to traumatic injury, infections, or post-procedural complications.

a. Traumatic Dental Emergencies

There are several forms of impact/injury to the teeth/jaw/mouth that can create the need for urgent care. They can include:

  • Car accidents
  • Falling
  • Sports injuries
  • Biting on hard objects
  • Teeth grinding (or bruxism)

These forms of impact or injury cause dental problems like tooth chipping, cracked teeth, broken tooth, tooth loss, and tooth/teeth misalignment that can compromise a person’s look, and hinder their ability to eat, and talk properly. The above dental emergencies can also take a toll on a person’s self-esteem. The importance of seeking emergency dental services can’t, therefore, be overlooked.

If you suffer a dental trauma that damages your teeth or smile, you can secure a same-day appointment at Annex Dentistry. CALL US: 416-962-4022

b. Severe Dental Infections

A serious dental infection or gum infection can also prompt an emergency dental visit. This can be the case if the infection is accompanied by severe swelling, severe pain, swollen glands, severe toothache, jaw pain, puss, sensitive tooth/teeth, extreme tooth weakness, loose tooth and/or tooth loss among other common symptoms that can’t be overlooked.

If you have severe tooth decay, gum disease, or dental abscesses (severe infection on the tooth root resulting in pus), we suggest you book an emergency dentist appointment.

c. Post-procedural Dental Complications

A dental emergency could also be linked to complications like infection, swelling, dental pain, nerve damage, and excessive bleeding after a dental procedure like dental surgery, emergency tooth extractions, etc. These complications must be attended to immediately before they turn into life-threatening dental conditions.

Our Emergency Dental Services


If you’ve been affected by any of the above causes of dental emergencies, don’t worry. We offer a wide range of emergency services. The main ones include, but aren’t limited to:

Dental Bonding

If you have suffered injuries to teeth or trauma that has chipped your tooth/teeth, dental bonding can restore them. Dental bonding also works for gaps, and we restore most smiles in a single dental visit.

Typical procedures take 30 minutes to 1 hour per affected tooth. You can click here to find out more about our cosmetic dental bonding procedure.

Dental Crowns

If your dental emergency is linked to severe infections i.e. dental decay or other oral health issues like fractured teeth, we can install dental crowns to restore your healthy smile. Dental crowns are fitted on top of affected teeth. For example, they can be a quick solution to misshapen teeth after an accident or injury.

Click here to find out more about our dental crown treatment.

Dental Bridges

We offer dental bridges as a solution for missing teeth due to injury or gum disease. If a tooth/teeth can’t be saved, our dental bridges will eliminate the empty space and restore your smile. Our dental bridges work like natural teeth, restore bite/chewing, and prevent the sunken face appearance linked to missing teeth. Call NOW: 416-962-4022 to book an emergency dental treatment.

Other Emergency Dental Services

You can also seek dental implants if you have suffered injury, trauma or infection that has resulted in tooth loss, as they offer a permanent solution. Book an appointment and begin treatment.

Also, inquire about other dental surgery for emergency dental issues including pediatric dentistry, dentistry for seniors, denture repair, and partial dentures.

Why Annex Dentistry is Your #1 Emergency Dentist in Downtown Toronto

You should trust Annex Dentistry for assistance in emergencies because of the following:

  • 50+ years of dental service to the community
  • Highly skilled and experienced dental team led by Dr. Amy 
  • Dental clinic that meets and surpasses all government regulatory & public health guidelines
  • A modern state-of-the-art facility (with the latest dental health technology) capable of handling any dental emergency
  • Highly reviewed dental clinic for dental emergencies and other general and cosmetic procedures

Contact us online or CALL: 416-962-4022 for emergency care in Toronto. Alternatively, you can email: [email protected] for more info or other emergency dental treatment options.