Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Protect and Save Badly Decayed or Fractured Teeth

Crowns are often the best option for people with heavily restored teeth, cracks, fractures and significant decay. Heavily restored teeth with multiple surface fillings often require full coverage with a crown to protect against future fracture of the remaining vulnerable enamel. When cavities and infection go untreated, they can eventually cause enough damage to the structure of a tooth that a regular filling isn’t enough to repair the damage. Teeth that have been fractured as a result of an injury or accident also need to be covered and protected, usually with a crown.

At Annex Dentistry, we focus on providing incredibly strong and natural-looking crowns to restore the strength, shape, and appearance of a tooth. Our goal is to help you keep all your teeth–even damaged ones–with our safe, minimally invasive, high-tech treatment options.

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Is a Dental Crown Your Best Choice?

Some dental problems, like missing teeth or teeth that have significant structural damage, call for more intensive solutions, like dental bridges or dental implants.

Crowns are most effective when we place them before the tooth is so decayed that it is in danger of fracturing.





Our non-toxic, porcelain material is safe to wear long term.

For difficult cases, our highly skilled lab offers an onsite colour ceramist to work with our patient in achieving a life like match to our patients existing dentition.

Minimally invasive techniques and a perfectly fitting crown ensure long-term comfort.

Well-made crowns are highly durable and prevent future tooth decay and breakage.

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